The Idea

A week of sports tourism, fun and competition

Tenerife has always been a paradise for bicycle lovers.

So we at Overthetop have thought of a week of vacation, sport, fun and competition for demanding cyclists but also for beginners who want to know wonderful routes specially created for them. All in a perfect climate when in Europe in February the cold cages cyclists at home or on rollers.

Routes on roads made famous by the professionals who come to Tenerife every winter to take care of their preparation pending the cycling season, both road and off-roaders.

A fantastic climate that also invites wives and girlfriends to follow their sportmen, to discover the most precious locations on the island; a luxury hotel, a medical team always available and the best professional guides to guide cyclists on their daily outings. This is undoubtedly OVERTHETOP!

Group of cyclists on the mountain road in Tenerife
Straight to the top
Ciclisti in Mountain Bike a tenerife
A moment of an MTB route
woman cyclist relax tenerife
Big women, tough and sporty
Group of cyclists having fun
After the meeting with Nibali
Uphill road cyclist with the panorama of Tenerife
Cycling alone
Pair of cyclists on mountain bike in Tenerife Overthetop
The ride on the first day
I mezzi di servizio per gli ospiti
I mezzi di servizio per gli ospiti
Ciclista che solleva una bici
Ogni giorno una conquista
entradas competiciones overthetop 2020
gadgets preziosi
foto di gruppo Overthetop 2020
sempre di buon umore
Ciclista che pedala in salita
Sui pedali
Il momento della cena
Ospitalità di alto livello
Le nostre guide
Le nostre guide
Gruppo di ciclisti
Le uscite in gruppo
Ciclisti in fila
Le salite non mancano
Ciclista che solleva una bici
Ogni giorno una conquista
Ciclisti su strada asfaltata
Strade perfette
Donne cicliste
il gentil sesso che non perdona
Gruppo di persone in mare
Un bagnetto a febbraio? Fatto!
turisti in barca
Gite pomeridiane
Gruppo di delfini in mare aperto
... in cerca di delfini e balene.